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Free Phylogenetic Network Software | DOS Version

The software is based on Arne Röhl's original software. Two versions are available. The newer free Windows version and the original free DOS version. Die Junge Akademie (Berlin) sponsored the DOS version on this web page.

Download here: NETW210B.EXE ( DOS version, 0.4MB)

Network 2.1B runs on DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP and Mac DOS emulation. Download the DOS-version file netw210b.exe (self-extracting zip file), copy it into your target directory (which MUST conform to DOS pathname conventions), and double-click it to extract the network analysis software files. This DOS version will unfortunately not display any text on PCs with Japanese codepage/keyboard settings. This DOS version will not work on a Mac unless a DOS emulator is installed. After extracting the files, you can double-click the Network.exe symbol (size 18kB) to run the software.

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